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Month: February 2018

Bunji - Your virtual companion on your journey to mental wellness

Activity scheduling

Previous Next Bunjil encourages you to schedule activities each day that you enjoy doing.  1) Bunji will give you a choice of activities that you can schedule 2) Bunji will help you schedule the activity for a convenient time and recurrence 3) Bunji will then remind you and encourage you to perform the activity 4)…
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Medication can be useful when people want help with their mood. Some people have strong opinions about medication that are not informed by research, it is important to get information that is balanced and impartial. MIND have useful and unbiased information about mental health medicines you should find helpful: https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/drugs-and-treatments/medication/about-medication/ Disclaimer: Bunji in no way…
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Reading is good for your mental health

Taking time to read can be good for your mental health! In fact there are studies that show that “bibliotherapy” (reading self-help materials) can be an effective depression treatment. For example, “Mind Over Mood” has been extremely popular for many years. But just reading for the sake of reading can be good for your mental…
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